For many tenants, routine inspections are the bane of their existence!

They’re up there with other painful chores like going to the dentist and getting your car serviced. So why do we have them? Well, not only do routine inspections provide the owner with peace of mind knowing their asset is being looked after, but they are also conducted to ensure the property is maintained to health and safety standards.

Whilst they may feel like an intrusion of your personal space, fortunately, there are some regulations in place to prevent tenants being subjected to continuous inspections. In Queensland, the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) states routine inspections should be conducted no more than once every 3 months and tenants must be given at least 7 days’ notice in writing. Property managers don’t expect the home to be perfect, however, as a tenant, it is your responsibility to keep the property in a neat and tidy condition as per your lease agreement.

If you’ve just received your letter to advise you of an upcoming inspection and don’t know where to start, fear not! We’ve put together 5 easy steps to help you prepare so you can nail your next routine inspection.

1. Clean and tidy the property thoroughly

Walk through the property and ensure each room is clean and tidy. It doesn’t have to be to showroom standards, but do clean thoroughly. Take extra care in the high use areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms as these tend to be dirtier and trap mould, grease and dust in the fittings. Also, now is the time to fix any damage or make repairs including replacing batteries in the smoke detector or a broken bulb. On a side note, keeping the home in this condition will make it easier for you when you vacate as you’ll have less to clean! It could also save you money if you intend on hiring a professional bond cleaner when vacating.

Daughter and mother cleaning home together and having fun

2. Don’t leave it until the last minute

On the topic of cleaning, once you receive notice of your inspection, do a little bit of cleaning each day/night. This will prevent a mad cleaning frenzy the night before putting more stress on yourself, especially if something comes up or your plans change at the eleventh hour. Aim to deep clean one to two rooms per day over the 7 day period.

3. Make a list of maintenance issues

If you have some concerns surrounding the maintenance or health and safety of the home, the routine inspection is the perfect time to raise these directly with the property manager. Make a list prior to the inspection and point out each item to your property manager on the day.

Couple making a list


4. Make plans for pets

Don’t forget to make plans for Fido! If you have special pet requirements (such as don’t let the cat out) be sure to advise your property manager in advance. For larger pets, it may be in your best interests to be home during the inspection or make arrangements to have the pet removed from the home on the day.

5. Don’t forget the yard

While cleaning and care must be taken inside the home, the yard should also be maintained. Complete a quick mow, remove green waste and weed the garden prior to the inspection.

At Jean Brown Properties, we understand the pressures tenants can face when renting, but try not to panic when preparing for your inspection. By following the above tips, you can prepare for a smooth and stress-free routine inspection making you, your property manager and your landlord happy.

Clean the yard


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