Prepare your property for the rental market.

It’s a daunting thought allowing strangers to move into your home. For your own peace of mind, it’s important to secure quality tenants, tenants you can trust to look after the property.

Finding the perfect tenant starts with the presentation and upkeep of your home. Presenting a well-maintained property to the market will help to attract a neat and tidy tenant and potentially result in a higher rental return too! When preparing your property for the rental market, there are also some legalities to consider as well.

To help with the overwhelm, we’ve compiled a list of tasks you may need to action before you advertise your home for rent.

Repairs & Maintenance

The Residential Tenancies Authority states that the property manager/owner is responsible for keeping the property in good condition and fit for the tenant to live in. So before you list your property for rent, conduct a walkthrough of the home taking note of anything that may require fixing. Spending the money to repair these items now will not only prevent a bigger and more costly problem in the future, but it will also cause less inconvenience to future tenants. Some common maintenance issues include:

  • Fixing broken screens, light fittings and window coverings
  • Ensure you have 3 sets of keys for all doors and locks
  • Repair leaking taps and toilets
  • Check all appliances are in working order
  • Don’t forget the yard! Remove waste, cut back trees, weed the lawn and tidy the garden beds.

Cleanliness & Presentation

No one wants to move into an unclean house. Ensuring the home is as clean as possible is not just important for presentation purposes, it also sets clear expectations to potential tenants as to the level of cleanliness expected from them.

A pre-tenancy clean is recommended before hitting the market. Where possible this should be carried out by a professional cleaning company for best results. As the pre-tenancy clean needs to be a deep clean that goes beyond your standard weekly wipe over, it’s best to have this done once you have vacated the property. Some areas to pay close attention to include:

  • A professional steam clean of carpets
  • Washing and wiping all windows, windowsills and window coverings
  • Kitchen appliances (especially the oven)
  • Air-conditioning units, fans and light fittings
  • If necessary, conduct a flea and pest control


A common question we get asked here at Jean Brown Properties is whether or not to take out landlord insurance. Sometimes even with the best tenant in place, accidents can happen. Therefore we always recommend a landlord take out insurance. You can read more about it in our previous blog, “What is Landlord Insurance, and Do I Need it?”

Other insurances which are strongly recommended include public liability and building and contents insurance.


It’s the landlord’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the legalities involved in renting out their property. The laws governing landlord and tenant rights are always changing so be sure to keep up to date with changes to legislation. Older homes in particular often require updates and repairs carried out to comply with new regulations. If in doubt, always ask your property manager or head to the RTA website for the latest updates. Legislation requirements that may affect your property include:

  • Comply with smoke alarm regulations
  • Ensure you have a pool safety certificate issued by a licensed pool safety inspector
  • If you intend to pass on water charges to the tenant, you’ll also require a Water Efficiency Certificate issued by a licensed plumber
  • Ensure the property is fitted with an electrical safety switch
  • Building regulations including railing heights, window compliance and blinds that meet safety standards

If you’re bringing a property to the rental market in the new year, at Jean Brown Properties we can help ensure this is a seamless and stress-free process for you. From organising tradies to ensuring you have the correct paperwork in place, we are here to help you prepare your property for the rental market. Call Jean Brown Properties 07 5630 1145 for further information or to request a free rental appraisal.